March 28, 2018:
     Version 1.07 is now available:

  • Fixed a common bug with the lantern item.
  • Changed game icon.
  • Cleaner, quicker splash screen.

September 21, 2017:
     Version 1.04 is now available:

  • Updated for newest iOS versions.
  • Some bug fixes.

March 26, 2012:
     We're now live for the App Store!

March 1, 2012:
     Gameplay teaser video for Little Sparks:

February 28, 2012:
     Update now available!!!
           1.) Improved tutorial
           2.) Added wall selector to make touching easier on smaller screens
           3.) Minor rule mechanics changes and changes to layout
           4.) Dr. Crazypants can now use items
           5.) Scoreboard can now be toggled during Dr. Crazypants turn
           6.) Multiple bug fixes

February 13, 2012:
     We're now live on amazon market!

February 9, 2012:
     We're live for Android OS! Help our heroine Lily catch the fireflies and
     get them away from Dr. Crazypants.