Offbit Studios LLC

Games with Spark

The company was formed in 2011 after a few years of work on Little Sparks as a side project. The idea was simple: Create a light puzzley game you could pick up and play without much time investment. Give it a light theme, something to ease the stress and strains of those long work days. Something you could break out in a pinch, play a bit, and close up just as easily. Something you could just enjoy the experience of and not so much solely focus on winning.

Our goal is to make quality games we ourselves enjoy. The focus is on creating something original and something that looks and feels good. Our pace is steady; we're a small team and we make up for speed with attention to detail. This isn't a mad dash to the finish line but a well thought-out adventure.

We hope you enjoy our games. Please support us if you're able. It means a lot.